Vegan Corned Beef Pie Recipe

For the perfect winter warmer this season, Scott has sent us a delicious recipe for vegan ‘Corned Beef Pie’ and we can confirm, it’s really tasty. It uses lots of ingredients you hopefully have at home in your cupboard, you can find your local Aldi or Awesome Wales on Holton Road.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures if you decide to get cooking!

Scott’s ‘Corned Beef’ Pie

The recipe produces a large batch of Vegan ‘corned beef’ hash which you can fry in small batches and eat on its own, use a pie dish for one monster ‘corned beef’ pie, or use a muffin tin to create a couple of tiny ‘corned beef’ pies.

My favourite way to serve this ‘corned beef’ pie is with mashed potatoes, peas, and a big jug of my favourite gravy! Let me know how you serve and enjoy this perfect-for-autumn vegan ‘corned beef’ pie via @thebigbadvegan on socials!


1 tbsp onion granules

1 tbsp garlic granules

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp black pepper

Salt to taste

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1/2 tbsp celery salt

2 tbsp mixed herbs

2 oxo cubes

2 tbsp miso or ‘beef’ gravy granules mixed with 2 tbsp boiling water

1 large potato

A small bowl of alternative milk

1 large onion

3 carrots

2 cans jackfruit, drained

2 boxes room temperature Aldi Plant Menu No Beef Burgers

2 rolls room temperature shortcrust or puff pastry

1. Start by peeling and chopping the potato and carrots into small cube sized chunks. Boil until tender with a little firmness to them and drain the boiling water. Pop these back in the pot you boiled them in for use later.

2. Dice the large onion and add it to a hot nonstick pan with a little bit of water, allow the water to steam and soften the onion (use a lid if you can!) - you may need to add a little water bit by bit to ensure it doesn’t burn. Once the onions are slightly caramelised and transparent add the potato/carrot mixture along with a glug of oil and a sprinkle of salt. Allow them to fry up together and slightly crisp the potato and carrot. Add in onion powder, garlic powder, mixed herbs, pepper and soy sauce. Remove from heat and decant into a bowl.

3. Drain the jackfruit from its water and add it to the same hot pan you previously used for the onion. Using a potato masher or fork mash the jackfruit in the pan until it starts to look shredded - there should be no large pieces left. Turn up the heat and add a glug of oil to fry the jackfruit until caramelised - you may need to add a little water bit by bit to ensure it doesn’t burn.

4. Crumble the defrosted burgers into small chunks and add to the pan with the jackfruit. Add in the smoked paprika, celery salt, crumbled oxo cubes, and miso (or gravy granules). Fry, adding oil if necessary, until both the burgers and jackfruit are browned and caramelised. Add the potato/carrot/onion mixture to the pan and mix. Continue frying until the mixture becomes less wet and everything has a good caramelisation to it, adding oil where necessary. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

5. Meanwhile grease a pie dish with some vegan butter, lay the shortcrust pastry sheet over the pie dish and trim the edges with a knife to fit the dish. Pierce the bottom and sides with a fork and cook for 10-12 minutes allowing it to firm up slightly but not go too brown. Remove from the oven and add in the “corned beef” hash mix. Cover the top with more pastry, crimp the edges together, make some small air holes and brush with a little alternative milk. Cook the pie in the oven for a further 10-15 minutes until the top turns a light brown. Remove from the oven and let cool. If the bottom or sides are slightly under cooked remove from the pie dish or muffin tins and place directly onto and oven shelf for a further 4-5 minutes.

6. Serve when cool!