Life during Lockdown in Barry

Have you become the king of virtual quizzes? Are you now a kitchen cupboard cleaner? Have you completed a ridiculous number of series on Netflix? You're not alone.


Whatever you’re up to, it’s nice to know we are all going through it, even if it’s in different ways.

We are all missing normality right now but is it wrong to admit to enjoying the slower pace of life? We’re getting to do things that would normally be unheard of, even if that means having no excuse not to clean out the cupboard under the stairs.

Here’s a few Barry locals sharing what their lockdown has involved so far:

Kirsten: For me, lockdown has been about turning our house into the office space for ‘Wealthy WISERD’ (a combination of mine and my husband’s company names) and a stimulating nursery environment for our bouncy two-year-old, with the added challenge of preparing for baby #2! The result is a generally messy house and two exhausted parents but some lovely family memories made during this strange time!

Amy: Our lockdown has consisted mostly of playing “landscape gardeners” - here I am in the middle of moving copious amounts of rubble and questioning my life decisions!!

Claire: My lockdown has been all about learning to share an office space with my other half! Not so easy when you both have video chats at the same time, or your cat wants to get in on the action, but we’ve made it work!

Hannah: Lockdown for me has been split into two distinct parts; one half lots of baking and recipe experiments and the other half Netflix in my dressing gown all day!

Courtney: Lockdown for me has been very food centered. I’m currently living with my Dad who is a whizz in the kitchen - we’re contemplating putting together a lockdown cookbook! From curries, breads, kebabs, soups and pizzas; you name it, we’ve made it! Here is a highlight that I’m particularly proud of...

Chloe: I’ve spent lockdown browsing Pinterest for craft project ideas and new skills to learn, preceding to buy all of the supplies I would need then completing absolutely none of it.. I guess buying craft supplies is a separate hobby to actually completing crafts!

Kate: I’ve finally had the time to paint, paint and paint some more! My gallery wall is really starting to come together

Luke: I’ve joined the DIY haircut club and let my girlfriend shave my head which I am now massively regretting and utilising the many hats I own. She’s trying to convince me to let her do highlights so who knows where the next few weeks will take my hair..