In Good Hands w/ The Goodwash Company

Never have we heard the three words ‘wash your hands’ so much, but did you know your scrubbing habit could be helping charities too?


Each time you purchase a soap bar from the Goodwash Company they will send you a complimentary ‘ration bar’ for you to give to another member of the community as a thank you.

Goodwash have been supporting our wonderful NHS with their soap and this weekend their brilliant Diolch box / Diolch Soap has reached over 10,000 donations!

Over 9 weeks they have put in more than 300 volunteer hours to make this happen

and they’ve given away soap with a value

of an incredible £20k.

Every NHS trust across Wales has received Goodwash donations as well as key trusts

in England such as Barts, Great Ormond Street and UCLH plus many more. But it’s not just the NHS, the RNLI charity, delivery drivers and other key workers have received one too.

Mandy from Goodwash said ‘Key workers and communities needed wash products urgently and we are able to switch our focus to an area of concern in a crisis. We can be agile and provide support where society needs it the most.’

Goodwash focuses their efforts where it’s needed, during the Australian bush fires they used profits from their products to support the wildlife and koala bears rescues.

They have also recently teamed up with Sixty Six / Ninety Nine, an arts and media social enterprise that is focusing on providing new solutions to suicide awareness and prevention.

Globally, one suicide occurs every 40 seconds. In 66 minutes, 99 people take their life. The social enterprise is using those numbers as quotation marks to frame conversations around this most difficult of subjects, that lead to its innovative services.

So what motivates them to work so hard? At Goodwash their mission is to help change the world one wash at a time. Through the Goodwash Fund they help support sustainable projects locally that improve the lives of animals and people.

As a local company, Goodwash needs our support. What started as a small business

in Barry 18 months ago has grown over time and the team will now be expanding by opening the first Goodwash store at the new Goodsheds development later this year!

Come down, support a local business and help raise awareness of Goodwash, their natural cruelty free products and the amazing good they do for people and animals.

You can find out more about Goodwash on their website