Home Work w/ Annie & Lolo

If like us you have more time on your hands here’s some simple ideas that will keep you busy and change up your interiors, all for very little cost!


This was our first job! Cleaning out cupboards, bagging up unwanted goods and getting reacquainted with items you thought you had lost. Decluttering doesn't just have to stop at unseen cupboards, declutter visible spaces like shelves too. Shelves can take on a new life with gaps, and non symmetric displays.

We’re all thinking the same thing, now is the perfect time to clear out. But with charity shops closed it's the perfect opportunity to put ‘one person's rubbish is another person’s treasure’ to the test.

Why not check in to see if they would be useful to others? Post them on Facebook marketplace, WhatsApp groups or even displayed outside ‘garage sale’ style. There's some great finds to be had, just be careful that your decluttering wasn’t in vain!


Before you start decorating, check to see what old paint you have lying around. We both managed to get feature walls out of the remains of pots we had previously used.

If you want to inject some colour, Aspirations UK are based on Broad Street in Barry and online and they’re taking orders for Frenchic furniture paint. There’s so many colours for different upcycling ideas.

If you want to avoid the mess, changing up your pictures can be as good as painting, it gives walls and rooms a fresh look and a new found appreciation of certain pieces.

We are keen picture on walls, the less conventional the better. Think outside the box, don't just frame pictures or prints!

Finally, try rearranging your furniture. Moving the odd piece even slightly away from the wall can create new interest in a room and won’t make it look smaller, it’s a misconception.

Green up your Gaff

Adding plants to your home doesn’t just improve how it looks, it’s been proven to help with wellbeing, anxiety and even breathing. We are lucky in Barry to have The Happy Plant Co. locally for all your plant needs and questions, Dan is so knowledgeable and it’s great to see his smiley face when he personally delivers!

We also have some amazing plant pots online and in store to compliment your green beauties.

Work space / Living space

If you are working from home or home schooling, it’s a good idea to create a separate work space. Another room is ideal but if you haven’t got that luxury it could just be the end of the kitchen table.

Keeping everything you need to do your work, even if it just an hour everyday, at the end of the table with a chair lets everyone around you know that when you’re perched there you are working, and if you do have to leave and not tidy it away, you can separate it from mess and work.

Surround yourself with great smells

We are lucky that we both love similar smells. Our signature eucalyptus and peppermint candle was created by the amazing Thornbush Hill and not only smells like our shop so it provokes happy senses, but it hides a multitude of smells such as cooking and pets.

While our homes are looking great, we can't wait to get back to our amazing shop and welcome you all back - don’t forget we are still online! www.annieandlolo.com