Helping Hands w/ Cadog's Corner

Instead, they launched Operation Cadog, packing and delivering food parcels to families identified by, at first Cadoxton Primary School, but now many more

Barry schools.

The container was the next step in a journey driven by a need to address the food poverty and social isolation experienced by many in Cadoxton. However, in the typically entrepreneurial and creative way of Cadog’s Corner, plans didn’t simply stop, they changed.

Operation Cadog involves a team of volunteers who source and buy the food which they pack into bags at Victoria Park Community Centre. Drivers arrive from each of the schools to pick up the bags for their school families. Bags are then dropped off by a familiar face to doorsteps around Barry.

It’s not just about the food, it’s given them a way to stay in touch with isolated people, have a socially distanced chat to see how things are.

It’s helping to take the pressure off the Vale Food bank and help them to continue helping those who already used its services. Operation Cadog has now reached a scale of 220 family food parcels each week.

They know it’s making a difference and still need support to help them help people for longer. If you’re able to donate, they would be incredibly grateful.

Donations can be made on Just Giving or if you’d like to get in touch, find them on twitter @CadogsC.