Hair Care with VHS Barry

Creative Director of VHS Barry Sam Carpenter, gives us his advice when it comes to home hair hacks.


Let’s face it, lockdown has been a challenge in many ways, but those roots won’t stop appearing even during a global pandemic. With your hair colourist out of action for a little while longer you may be tempted to hit that box colour more

than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, home colour has its place but it won’t replace the talent, knowledge and experience of your salon colourist.

Even with your partner on the tint brush, a permanent root touch up can escalate into a full colour correction catastrophe in no time... well actually in about 20 minutes according to the back of the box!

My home colour advice is to have FUN with your colour and wear those roots like a badge of honour. Rather than resorting to a permanent box of trickery why not use less commitment products like direct dyes or

semi permanent?

For you lighter blondes with grown out balayage, why not add a pastel tone over your bleached lengths and ends? Try Crazy Colour’s Lavender to add that cool shot of lilac lusciousness or Eleven Australia’s Blonde Shampoo, it’s next level silver shampoo that if left on, will leave behind that smokey silvery sheen! If warm sun kissed blondes suit your skin tone best, think about pushing your colour even further.

Crazy Colour Rose Gold will leave you on trend this summer or if you’re feeling brave Candy Floss to add that beautiful pinky hue.

Don’t worry brunettes, you’ve not been left out of the colour fun, now is the time to ‘glow up’ that flat brown. Josh Wood Colour has a ‘Chestnut Brunette Gloss’ that will mask sparkly roots and give your hair an incredible reddish glow.

Home Hair Hacks

If you don't want to risk a home colour horror then these clever little hacks could be the way to see out lockdown.

Don't underestimate dry shampoo to get you through! A salon secret is to use dry shampoo when the hair is freshly clean rather than when the hair is greasy. Blast through roots, lengths and ends, then style as usual. Prevention is better than a cure, right?

Now is the time to get your hair in tip top shape ready for your salon return, trust me your hairdresser will thank you for it. Eleven Australia’s 3 Minute Miracle is your best friend for a daily hit for nourishing over processed locks. A vegan hair mask can be created using a banana (you heard me, banana is amazing for your hair) and coconut oil.

Hopefully my advice will inspire you to have some fun with your lockdown hair but one thing is for sure, your hairdresser will have missed you as much as you have them, hang in there, stay safe and always do a patch test!