Be your own Social Media Manager

I’ve been speaking to lots of small businesses over the last couple of months and it seems

that everyone is in two camps.


There are those that are still promoting their businesses and those that are finding it really hard. Sometimes we go between the two on a daily basis!

Here’s a few tips for promoting your business taken from my new eBook, Be Your Own Social Media Manager, which will help you carry on building your community online even when things get tough.

Be yourself

When you’re stuck on what to say it can be tempting to look to others, but the best thing you can do on social media is be yourself and focus on what makes you and your business unique. Share something we might not know and give your audience a chance to connect with you! People buy from people so the more we feel we know the person behind the business, the more we will trust you.

Work on Know, Like, Trust

Which brings us on to this, the Know, Like, Trust factor. All of your customers take a journey when they work with you through the know, like, trust factor. It’s your job to get them started on this path by helping them find out who you are.

  • How will they know about you? Maybe through a post or your website.

  • What will make them like you? Sharing something about you they might not know.

  • How will you take them to the trust stage? Show them the value of what you’re offering.

Don’t stop promoting

When you’re worried about what to say it can often feel easier to say nothing at all. Take a breath, have a break but don’t stop promoting yourself.

If you can’t sell at the moment, can you help your customers and solve their problems instead? Try to add value to your audience wherever you can and listen to the questions they are asking you.

Make it fun

Social media doesn’t have to be another job to add to the list. It can be fun and enjoyable too, you just need to find a way that works. Some people enjoy structure and scheduling, others like to play it by ear and post when they feel like it. I personally like to take a batch of images and make posts around them when I’m feeling creative.

What would make it fun for you? Maybe it’s teaming up with a friend to encourage each other or finding a hashtag that you love to look at and commenting on those pictures.

Just remember, social media is meant to be social, so don’t stop talking to your target audience!

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